Garbage Pail Kids

Anybody remember the garbage pail kids? Used to get them in baseball like card packs in the 80s I guess and they had a stick of gum too. Funny what kinda stuff we had back then 😛

I’m wondering what crazy stuff they have for kids these days like this? I suppose I’ll soon find out what a child of the  20-teens will get into. OH what a crazy thing it is to be a parent! I always liked these, not sure what the attraction is, its so weird and funny and all the cards had gum residue on them and smelled like gum. gotta love that!

To balance this in a way, I also had a Cabbage Patch kid named ‘Emersom M Danny’. it was named after two of my neighbours in Cannington whom I had admired 😀 I think I have it downstairs somewhere, it will be for Arden to play with one day.

Any opinions on this stuff for kids? Too wacked out or just funny?

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