How we became considered hardcore

You are the product of your parents, and not just the sum either, the product. You’re also what they bring you up to be in many ways. I think us kids, brothers anyways, Matt and I are hardcore because of what our mom taught us and encouraged us to do. My mom would encourage us to do dangerous things, to get dirty and not to fear falls, crashes, cuts and bruises.

She would encourage us to climb trees, swim in all kinds of fast moving water, swim over water falls (no Niagara though), ride bicycles and crash. She also taught us to be tough when banged up or bruised, to be a man, and to take consequences in stride. One time she encouraged Matt and I to swim in some rapids on vacation, we were early teens maybe, maybe younger? I dunno, and a by-standing man couldn’t believe people were swimming in said rapids let alone kids AND being rallied on by their mother.

It was also mom who had good stories about crashing snowmobiles and flying planes with pilots who slept in the air. She was not afraid of risk either for herself or us – not in a dangerous life altering sense, just in general.

She was also the one to drive us 2 hours in the dark during a blizzard to hockey games, hence the lack of fear when winter driving – granted, with safety features (belts, airbags) these days, its pretty hard to get a real good injury unless you really crash good! Not that hurting others is bad but a broken arm or collarbone makes you more of a man! Ya I said it! Take that… somebody… Seriously though, boys especially need to be taught to be men, likewise, girls need to be taught to be ladies. These days, we teach that a boy can be whatever he wishes even if thats acting like a girl :S

I’m old school I suppose, I like my girls to be girls and my boys to be boys. That comes from training your kids up to be men or women and you don’t necessarily need a mother and a father in a family to teach that. Granted, it does take concerted effort if you’re a single parent to teach the child of the opposite sex that correctly.

Anyways, we gained lots of good things from our mom and hardcore-ness was one of them!

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  1. I agree that gender roles are important, as are good role models. Some dads know what a real man is, but have a hard time communicating that in a way boys can understand; they need to be taught how to model manliness to their sons, how to show love, how to take responsibility, when to fight and not fight. Rare is the mother who knows how to show her sons that kind of fearlessness, yet respect for themselves and the people around them. That’s awesome that you had that; you were very fortunate.

    Girls need their moms to go to to talk about all kinds of stuff. They need to be able to confide in them, learn from them, and trust them. Moms can show their daughters things like cooking, crafts, sometimes sports, sometimes community involvement; you name it – moms are quite versatile and many can and DO fill the role of single parent. But a little girl still needs her dad for a very important role: the very first man who has ever loved her. The one who will treat her with respect and show her how a man behaves when he respects her and loves her. The one who gives her the very first image of what God is like, one that will usually stay with her as long as she lives.

    That’s awesome too.

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