Here is what I was faced with on my Macbook on wednesday. BTW, this says 'Hold down the power button to restart the computer' or something along those lines.

Had this nice message show up for me on my macbook. Good times. Running it too hard I guess. Been a stressful / busy week at work. Started using timesheets which slows me down big time, scatters my brain too cause I always have to be thinking about turning on the timer on it or keeping track of whats going on, what task I’m spending my time on. And here I am, talking about work on my weekend 🙁  . I understand the need for reporting, to know what employees are doing but I fear it will be used against me cause I’m not a workaholic like some others tend to be. So just because I work a regular amount of hours, compared to others, I’ll look like the one who isn’t working as hard. Anyways, enough  of that.

Today we got out down to Bonshaw, found 3 geocaches, one of which was Ardens first ever. That was nice.

Did you hear that ‘Muhammed’ or variations of it was the most popular name for new boys in England?? Tells you a lot about the shift in demographic and with it, a shift in religion as well. Certainly Christian parents probably wouldn’t name their kids that. Not that there is anything wrong with Muslims having kids, but because they have so many kids, they are quickly pushing out native English. The same thing is happening in the US, and in Canada too. Part of the Islamic thing is to populate and rule all the world.

caliphate (kăl`ĭfāt’, -fĭt), the rulership of Islam;

The term caliphate (from the Arabic خلافة or khilāfa) refers to a governance created in Islam. Being aconstitutional republic [1] , meaning that the state head represent the people and govern as such and abide to existing constitutional laws that limit government’s power over the people of the republic [2] .

Muslims aren’t the enemy, but its fair for all the information to be on the table if this is indeed the goal and we as Christians need to consider it carefully. Are we sharing the good news of Jesus Christ enough to all our unsaved friends? If they succeed in a califate, whats our response? We’ll be persecuted for sure, as they aren’t as tolerant as small c christian societies, or western societies. Maybe I take that back, Islam isn’t as tolerant as Christianity.

I could be wrong, for sure, but this is a conversation we need to have, we need to be knowledgable about whats happening, we need to be wise, and we need to know whether its our responsibility to counter this tide, or accept it, or any other reaction for that matter.

In other biblical news, the oil finds by Israel are really stirring things up in the middle east, as if they weren’t stirred up enough. The latest oil finds by Israeli companies around disputed borders are being claimed by Syria, Lebanon, Egypt, the palestinians etc. Is this the hook in the jaw of the countries from the north to march on Israel in the end days?? Could be!

Interesting news, all these things should help point you in the direction of Jesus via the biblical prophecies foretelling events of the end times. I really think many people are illiterate when it comes to bible prophecy knowledge, or creation / genesis information. Some people say its not worth spending time on those things cause they are so controversial, that so many people have so many questions on them, better to stick with ‘known’ things. I put ‘known’ in quotes because I think we’re kidding ourselves when we think we know all about parts of the bible.

SO many things happening and we’re just bickering, questioning the past knowledge in a way that doesn’t give us any answers before we throw out the old. I think if we’re going to make fun of old theology and discount it, we need to be ready to have fresh solid theology in place of it.

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  1. So, they’re tracking time now, eh? We’re doing something similar. We’re tracking time applied to the project’s we’re on. It’s not exactly indicating exactly what hour of every day went where. I might record 4 hours in a given day because I have many other responsibilities that aren’t related to the project at hand. If you have an environment like that you might consider tracking in that way.

    I’ve been reading a lot of “soft skill” books lately at the recommendation of a consultant we have in every two weeks. The most practical one I’ve read lately and one I really recommend is Getting Things Done by David Allen. Its recommendations have totally altered the way I approach and organize my day, my email accounts and even my desk (I have an in-basket and an out-basket now! haha). It’s a short book and you should totally get it.

    One of the best things it teaches is apply a “2 minute rule” to new, incoming work. If it takes 2 minutes or less to completely accomplish or absolutely must be done now, do it, otherwise put it in a “next actions” folder that houses things that should be done as soon as possible but are not required immediately. Not only does this approach keep your sanity about what work you need to accomplish, but it facilitates you being a reliable person who gets work done rather than letting things slip through the cracks or letting work get behind.

    People start realizing you’re reliable as a rock in getting back with a considered response. People don’t want a response if it’s not done right. So, providing them with a quality response, regardless of the time between when they sent it and when they get a response, gives them a higher respect for your work.

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