Genesis and the Koran – a retweet

This is kinda a retweet of  a link my brother Matt posted. Great read:

It basically goes through a number of points and shows where they line up and where they don’t. Hint, they don’t line up very well. The bible is FAR more detailed about everything over all, very interesting.

Creation, The Fall, Flood and Babel

Genesis provides a unified description of Creation; the Koran does not. Instead, fragmented passages are scattered across many of its 114 chapters (‘Sura’). The tables (below) attempt to assimilate these fragments for a clearer picture of what the Koran says, compared to the Bible.

The many contradictions highlighted in these tables surely demolish any claims that the ‘revelation’ given to Muhammad is not a corruption of, but reliably builds upon, Judeo-Christian history.

For instance, the Koranic account prohibits Adam from going anywhere near the Forbidden Tree, while Genesis says that God only commanded Adam not to eat its fruit (see Table 2). (Man had been placed in the garden to tend it (Genesis 2:15), which seems to require physical access to each tree for e.g. pruning.) Interestingly, the Bible relates that Eve, who was deceived (1 Timothy 2:14), had misconstrued God’s instruction to not eat of the fruit from the tree to instead also mean not to touch it (Genesis 3:3). Yet Eve’s distorted view, obviously wrong, is portrayed as truth in the Koran [update: see Did Eve lie before the Fall?—Ed.].

The Biblical account of origins also makes more sense of today’s world than does the Koran—e.g. the presence of sin, violence, death and the origin of languages (and concomitant minor ‘racial’ differences). The Bible explains why the whole creation is so obviously groaning, in bondage to decay (Romans 8:19–22). In contrast, the Koran makes God responsible for death and suffering (see Tables 1 and 2), in common with long-age and evolutionary Christian views, and Eastern religions.

Have a read, very interesting stuff indeed. We need to be taught more about this kinda stuff I think. It helps us grow in our faith and gives us knowledge so that we can intelligently talk to people about the bible from all different faiths to tell them why Jesus Christ is the only way, the truth and the life!

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One thought on “Genesis and the Koran – a retweet

  1. I’m glad to see somebody read that link. It seems to me that Christians are very “kind” to the Koran, and may even have doubts or concerns about Christianity, but, really, when you study it, you find it’s another book that can’t stand up to scrutiny.

    The bible is a wholly unique book, able to stand up to any critique. My hope is that Christians will “know” the reliability of their bible, that they can trust it and have confidence in it.

    My view these days at any apparent flaw in the bible is not “well, it looks like that might be a real error,” but rather “give me some time to research it and I know I’ll find something that has demolished that supposed issue.”

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