I found timelessness

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Ever notice that when you’re up late, its quiet, the house is humming with water, furnace, fire.. whatever, that its almost as if time stands still?

In a way, the night seems endless, the peace, the still stretches on longer than you can fathom. So long so that eventually you usually just decide to go to bed.

Every once and a while I enjoy the quietness, think about things unthunk for many a moon and take in the moment. I can debrief myself on the day, stand back for a second or multiple from my busy-ness of everyday life and work and see what I’ve accomplished, where I’m at, even where God is in proximity.

Its these times and timeless times that I can wonder about Gods greatness, recognize His great blessing on our lives and simply enjoy breathing. Now thats pretty sappy for sure, but think about it. One of the most simple basic things, breathing, air, we take it for granted.

Have you thanked God your alive lately?

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One thought on “I found timelessness

  1. I call those “God-moments”. They happen with more regularity than they used to. Sometimes I can get so caught up in the urgent that I forget the important. Those quiet times are so beneficial for that very reason.

    It’s helpful to take personal inventory once in a while too. To count my blessings, to think about what is going right in my life, and what I need to focus on – to keep the Main Thing the main thing.

    I discovered recently that if I ask God to find a way to show me His love in a way that is specific to me and that only I would appreciate, He usually finds a way to do that. And it blows me away every time.

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