We had Clive Pick in this weekend to speak about supernatural, prophecy and tithing… BUT he really only talked about tithing the whole time – which was a disappointment for me. Long story short, I had issues with some of what he spoke of, didn’t agree with portions of it, however, the good information in there is that tithing ┬ácan and does bring about blessing although that should not be the end goal when doing so. In my life though, I can ‘testify’ (and i put it in quotes cause its such christianeeze or whatever) that when we are generous with offerings and tithe, God always provides for our needs and often blesses us with more than we need.

Tithing also helps you realize that you CAN live on less and thats a good lesson to learn, it also helps you loosen your own grip on money, realizing its not ours, and it will quickly be used up. Its Gods, everything is.

So, a great lesson is that tithing is a good principal and I can confirm that God does bless when you honour Him with your first fruits in that way.

Also, you don’t tithe to JUST to get an Isuzu Trooper… Just sayin!

So whatever you think of Clive Pick, there is truth in the main stuff he spoke of about tithing.

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4 thoughts on “Tithing

  1. Generally I find that when a speaker has to preface what he/she says about a particular subject by saying what it’s “not” (not prosperity gospel, not giving to get, for example) it usually IS that, dressed up in a spiritual cloak of respectability.

    That said, well… the motivation for tithing should be out of love and gratitude to God for all He has given to us, not out of fear of not being blessed, not out of the threat of financial difficulty or even of going bankrupt, not out of fear of God never moving in miracles in the assembly. There was a lot of fear-mongering (intentional or not) going on which obscured the message and made it very offensive. If I hadn’t already been tithing – it would have turned me off EVER trying it.
    Just saying.

  2. good comment! I totally can see where you’re coming from. I’m glad I attended the whole seminar otherwise my complaints would have been written off by him saying I didn’t like it just cause i didn’t see his seminar – which is what he told me when I asked if people disagreed with him. Anyways, good comments!

  3. In my experience, tithing is that area of giving that is automatic, required, given in good faith and with gratitude, but it’s not an offering.

    My offerings, like extra in the offering plate, five cents in the Tim Horton’s box, tips, and other donations, are what I actually feel really good about.

    Maybe it’s something I need to study more about. Tithing seems like a necessity that you’re doing so regularly that it doesn’t feel bad but it also doesn’t give you any good feelings. I mean, it does when you think about it, you know it’s going to a good cause, but the extra, on top of the tithe, that giving means a whole lot more to me because it’s a decision on my part to go above and beyond.

    Then again, tithes and offerings in terms of money, even though that’s a very valid, biblical way to look at it, isn’t the entirety of it. There is time, service, help, support, prayer, etc., that can be presented as offerings (in the church age) and might be considered part of the 10% of your entire “being’s” tithe. Having said that, tithes and offerings do seem to be tied quite tightly to money or material things in the bible. All the other intangibles that might be considered those things seem to be assumed in the bible.

  4. i have just recieved Clive Picks book. I am of a mind in order to make his position stick he wrests scriptures out of context. Great free book online by Dr.Kelly. ‘Should the Church Teach Tithing’. As far as I’m concerned he knocks Clive Picks arguments into a cocked hat! Take a look, in my view, unlike Pick’s book it is academic and in depth.
    check it out – he’s done all the hard work for you/us

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