Chilly Mornings, Fall time

Its chilly this morning, 8 degrees outside, 18 inside. Still burning oil. No more toasty warm days, I think we’ve seen the last after that week or so of really warm temperatures. I’m doing my unregular Time Machine backups this morning, firing up my virtual machine for work and sipping my fresh ground starbucks coffee (thanks to Christen and Andrew!)

Arden is making lots of noises out in the living room fussing about, probably half ready for a nap, and half just wanting some more attention as we both gaze at our laptop screens. Her feet have been a tad cool in the morning as she always kicks off her blankets at night. Need to get a couple grow bags (aka sleeping bags for babies) to keep her nice and warm at night. Not that it gets that cold, but 18 degrees is cool enough if you don’t have warm blankets on!

After part of my boiler project, we noticed that the water wasn’t as consistent as before, and after having the plumber through, making comments on my work and suggestions and all, it appears as though I may have to use 3/4 inch pex and fittings on top of the 1/2 inch just to ensure that the pex connections aren’t restricting flow. Unfortunately I’ve spent a log on 1/2 inch pex stuff so to upgrade it to 3/4 will be a pain. The rest of the copper is 1/2 but I suspect that the adapters and such end up restricting the 1/2 pex more then the standard copper 1/2 inch pipes. Apparently often they use 3/4 inch piping now for houses? Ahwell, maybe my next project should be to replace all the 1/2 inch stuff in my basement with 3/4??

The leaves are just starting to fall, not sure if I’ll rake them up, mulch them, or just leave them there, I guess we’ll see what they look like after they fall, ie build up Anybody use digg? News aggregator basically. They upgraded to a version 4 of the website, layout, features etc, and now its lousy :/ A lot of links to just racy photos, dumb articles, gratuitous stuff teenage guys love reading. Before the change it was an interesting site. Should I go back to slashdot?? I may just have too. Boo-urns, the times they are a changin’.

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