Current Projects

  1. Hot water boiler – this one is attached to our woodfurnace via our hot water coil. It consists of an old 40 gl hot water tank stripped down to just the tank, 1 inch circulating copper between it and the wood furnace and then PEX piping to get cold water into it  and the hot water out to the regular hot water tank which tops up the temp of that water if need be.  This is mostly done, never used PEX before with crimp connections, works very well! This was the first big soldering project on my own stuff too since helping my dad install a bathtub years ago in our old family house. Clean, sand, flux, heat, and solder did the job nicely! no leaks!  Well, there is one leak but that is not my solder job, the tank I got has rust holes in the top :/ So i have to now do some welding to fix those up! Such is life. Would have been nice if the guy who sold it to me told me it has a leak 🙁 What can ya do.
  2. And this is related to #1, welding the top of my water boiler tank! Maybe I’ll get some pics up of this one
  3. Firewood – have 3/4 of my wood cut up, thanks to many friends who came over with chainsaws and a few hours to spare. Haven’t split it yet, … getting there. Quite the experience so far, once I’m done, I’ll let you know if i want to do this every year 😉 I do however have wood downstairs drying, now if it would only get cold, I would have an excuse to fire it up
  4. Ceiling fan – I have a ceiling fan I need to get mounted, and it may require reinforcement from the attic side so that will be an afternoon or evening of fun sometime. Not critical though which is good
  5. The big project which I’m just helping pay for is our bathroom. tear out is done. Drywall is up. Seam filling is underway. Plumber on monday to hook up shower. Then comes flooring guys, tiling guys and finally vanity installation..
  6. Oh, and then related to 5 is my job of installing the bathroom fan, thankfully we got it pre-wired so the power is literally hanging in the attic ready to go for me.  This is where i need some fathers to come on vacation and I can give them nice neat little projects to complete! Or anyone that wants to come over and do a project?? Anyone??

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  1. Lots going on Micah. I think I know of some fathers (and a mother!!) who would be more than happy to beam themselves up – if only! One of these days….. we’ll be back 🙂

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