Frost is on the ground and the furnace is on

We woke up to a frost on the ground and a chilly house, twas time to turn on the furnace, the oil at least for now. Since we’re heading to Ontario, we’ll need the oil furnace going to keep the place warm, after that, we hope to get the firewood furnace going asap. Can’t wait until I can get that one going! We have a busy week before we leave, I’ll be doing lots of stacking, packing and mac’ing. Ya, ┬áthat was a stretch for a ryhme… I have to work all week but I have a lot of fall house prep to do, getting ready for 2 weeks in Ontario and working around that with contractors working on our bathroom.

The good thing is, all this house reno *should* be basically complete by November! Then we can FINALLY start paying our mortgage :/  That will be nice and a big load off.

This will be Ardens first big cross country trip, many people will see her for the first time this thanksgiving and we will have a lot to give thanks for (we already had a lot and now we have even more!)

We are super super blessed, abundantly, overflowing, we have more than we need. We are rich with ‘things’ most of which we don’t NEED but they do add some fun to life. God is Awesome, we don’t deserve such great wealth but He has chosen to bless us and we give thanks back to Him, acknowledge His power and His glory and we as a family want to strive towards using what He has given us for His glory and honour in some way.

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