Faith to move a mountain?

So I was cutting some firewood with Arthur and did a pretty rookie chainsaw thing, anywho, it meant I had the chain and bar off for no reason thinking  my clutch was stuck (the safety was on… ya, I said it was rookie, maybe even worse then that :P) I had taken the clip off  thinking I would need to pull off the clutch, once Arthur said nicely ‘Hey, your safety might be on’, I reset the safety and the clutch was spinning again.

Next, I had to put the saw back together, put the washer on, then I went to put the clip on… with my chainsaw tool (which is a wrench and a flat head screwdriver, all the things you need to maintain a chainsaw). Needless to say, this was the wrong tool to be putting clips on with, you need pliers for this job, I was thinking in my head,… well, I’ll try one more time, this time its going to work and I won’t need to go get the pliers. So, what happens? The clip goes flying, and I can’t find it, I search and I search. I say the quick ‘Lord, help me find it please’ as I keep searching trying not to look too stupid for having lost it. After a while, I gave up, notifying Arthur that I lost it, so I continued helping him as my saw was now useless :/ . At the next bar oil / gas break, Arthur told me of an old friend who worked on cars, and he used to say, ‘Anytime I lose something, I ask God to help me find it and I always find it right away’. Arthur says ‘Thats faith, faith in the small things is what grows your own faith’.  As he said that, I was thinking,… well I already tried that and it didn’t work. I went about to help him more as his was the only working saw. After a while I though,… how about I pray again and look on the ground quickly (after Arthurs little story). so I prayed in my head, this time not a quick out of my mouth thing with no thought, I stopped for a sec and asked God to help me find it. As I finished my prayer thought, I looked at my feet to start searching, and the clip was right there!!

Well away from the tail gate from which it went airborne! Coincidence? maybe… Or a move by God to help me increase my faith by a tiny little bit? I think so. Arthurs calm sure belief that what God could do for his friend was true was enough for me to attempt it again. Little things like that are just amazing to me. And this has happened to me before, I guess this time I’m just really thinking about it.

So faith to move a mountain? didn’t move a mountain but  I found a valuable little clip so I could continue on with the work! Thanks to the Lord for faith even in the little things.

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