Pictures of some of the projects I’ve been working on

Picture from front port, new railing and decking
Front porch again here - still need to make some steps
Front porch again, all posts in place!
Our well pump and pressure tank. Just one of the many projects, need to clean it up. Seems like they are both functioning correctly, can't seem to get any more air into the pressure tank though... its working so I'll try not to fix what ain't broke.
Our new homemade coffee table. Purchased some pieces from the local Home Depot and built it in our dining room basically 😀 Worked out real well, 3 coats of stain, 3 coats of poly-yer-a-thane (however you spell that, sure.. I could google it ...). Next up, a full dining room table.
Another pic of coffee table
Our cleaned out basement corner by the furnace, thanks to Josh Singh for helping me get rid of THAT pile of junk!! Basement is totally different now with that junk out.
Upper deck, decking and railings finished. Basically complete except I have to put about 1000 more screws in the decking boards :/ Looks pretty nice already though I think!
Another view of upper deck completed
Last but not least, all my piles of scrap wood, we pulled ALL of this out of the house, yes all! And there is more too. I need to have a big bonfire - actually, I'm going to attempt to burn much of it this winter, might as well make some heat out of it eh! BTW, did I mention how many other loads I've taken to the dump already?? Many many so far, so there was alot more then what you see here as well

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One thought on “Pictures of some of the projects I’ve been working on

  1. House is looking amazing you guys. Absolutely love the deck! We look forward to the day when we have a house with a deck like this. 🙂 Enjoy the fruits of your labour! (And labour yet to come!)

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