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Whats new… lets see. Its raining today. Ooh.. thats not new… I purchased 4 gigs of RAM for my Macbook2,1. My macbook is officially maxed out in terms of upgrades now, ram, harddrive (size AND speed – 7200rpm), OSX Snow Leopard. There is nothing more I can do really now for speed. Not that I’m having troubles really. Its just that when  you’ve maxed out all you can in a system, the next step is to buy a new model. So this will need to last me another couple years – which I’m sure it will, I’m sure it will last min, another 2 years, it will likely just keep going and going until I decide its just too slow for me to get my work done. I to run Win XP for work though and its not going to get slower necessarily so as long as I don’t need any resource hogging software upgrades, I should be good for the forseeable future. As you can see to the left, I haven’t actually received my 4 gigs yet. Once I do, it should state 3 gigs I believe, 3 gigs usable or at least that the OS knows about…

Next, I moved my lawn tractor out of the elements and into my shed – thats a big exciting life milestone eh 😀  1) I have a lawntractor – thats pretty cool 2) I have a shed ?? what? Ya, SO cool I have my own shed and 3) I’m old enough now to care about preserving it – from all the rainy days here on my nice new trailer hitch welds (note to self, get picture up with tractor, trailer and hitch). So thats exciting and OH, the 70 mile yard sale is on at Wood Islands this weekend!!!

I hope to find and purchase a snowblade for my lawntractor and some wheel weights. Weight isn’t huge right now, really need a blade though! Can’t wait, and saturday looks good! (Tomorrow in pic being saturday!)

I must say, having a full size trailer on the tractor really makes getting jobs done (that require a trailer) much much faster, easier, and just plain fun cause I get to drive around pulling a trailer full of stuff – and who doesn’t enjoy that? What was I moving? First 2 loads of scrap lumber I tossed out of every window in the house, mainly basement and attic, and bathroom. The other load was garbage / junk yard stuff I need to deliver to the drop off waste station.

Arden is growing but to me it never seems fast enough, I see her everyday so I don’t see any big changes. I can’t wait until she can walk, and talk, and go to school. I dunno, I just think those are exciting times. She is the most beautiful baby of them all! Can’t wait to have another, although Lindsey wants to wait a bit longer. I’m excited to get the whole family going, 3 kids or however many we will have. Yahoo.

We’ll be heading to Ontario first couple weeks of October. I always enjoy the drive. Sure its boring but its one of the safest, least stressful places to be. On the road, no contact, no work to be done, no phone calls, just driving, drinking Tims, getting McD’s breakfasts, filling up at truck stops and good things like that.

We’re also very close to getting the reno guys in for the bathroom, plus Christen and Andrew will be here next week for vacation. No end to the party over here. Will be SUPER nice once the upstairs bathroom is complete and our mortgage is finalized! Can’t wait.

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  1. There’s one more thing you can do, get an SSD! I’ve been seriously looking around for an SSD for my laptop, although my laptop is pretty old might as well just buy a new one. And I want to upgrade my windows tower with SSDs at some point.

  2. good point! I would consider them if they were SO expensive for any REAL size… I need 500 gigs minimum otherwise its not really worth it :/ They are brutal expensive, doesn’t make sense to get one and by the time a 500 gig is cheap enough, I’ll likely have bought a new laptop anyways or an iMac

  3. Hello, Im Alma and I have to say I really admire you. I have a blog and I was wondering how you got people to actually follow or even comment on yours,I realized nobody follows my blog. I was wondering if you would actually tell me how you do it. Oh and by the way im only 13 so that probably had something to do with it. I would apprecitate it if you would give me some pointers.
    Thank You

  4. Hi, one thing you can do thats easy is post the blogs on facebook as you write them. Family and friends will click on it. Thats really the best and most immediate way to get people reading your blog.

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