I just figured it out – how to exercise your laptop battery automatically

I’m been pondering this riddle for a long time, how to automate the exercising of your laptop battery… I figured there must be software that will cycle the power on and off to drain the battery and charge it again… alas, I’ve never found any that does that.

I’ve been using wall timers to power down things like the TV and DVD player at night, thereby saving a pile of electricity every year! It came to me today,… why not use that to exercise the macbook at night??

Have it cut the power at bedtime, and have it turn on say 2 hours before you get up so its fully charged for the day and voila, there ya go – granted, you need to leave your system on and maybe tell it not to go to sleep, maybe turn on itunes and have it just playing on mute all night, anything to keep it spinning.

There ya go, FINALLY figured it out.

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2 thoughts on “I just figured it out – how to exercise your laptop battery automatically

  1. This idea is very rudimentary. As an electronics engineer myself, I am not aware of any technical limitations preventing laptop manufacturers from adding a small circuit to exercise the battery automatically. The only reason I can think of is that they want to sell more laptops and don’t care about polluting our planet. We shouldn’t need to resort to workarounds, this sort of thing should be standard. Makes my blood boil.

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