Its rainy, but we were still busy all day long!

Its a beautiful rainy grey day here on the Island. We started off with an RRSP appointment at BMO, then to McDonalds for breakfast (just in the nick of time… why do they stop breakfast at 11am anyways? We’re hardly up by 11 on a saturday :/ ). After that we did some shopping. We decided we would make a coffee table, kinda my idea, I wanted to see if it could be done easily. Low and behold, it is a pretty quick little project for a saturday afternoon! (thanks to Home Depot for some nice finished wood to put together). Used a Mitre saw, router, various other hand power tools etc and made quite a nice little coffee table.

Note to self: Get more router bits

We also cleaned up our dining room, it was full of tools, dressers, and more tools, and a couple of big rocks (?). Its back to an actual dining room now! Also cleaned  up the landing at the top of the stairs, threw out more old wood off the back deck – I have 3 or 4 piles of misc wood, garbage, chimney pipe, and tree limbs scattered around the house as I toss stuff off the deck, porch or out the attic windows! I’m keeping piles of wood for  burning – and I have lots of it! I’m going to burn a lot of stuff they don’t recommend to burn, ohwell.. Just need to make sure to clean my chimney well in the spring! Next year will be a whole new year, cleared lot, fresh beginnings, big family changes, Arden will be walking and talking. Crawling and saying some words at the very least I expect.

Oh, and I have a full load that could go to the dump, if I get a dry saturday, I might just do it, or wait until the next garbage week (every other), we’ll see what ends up coming first.

Now I’m beat tired – suppose I should go and do a bit more work and entertain Arden a bit tonight too as Lindsey does lots of vacuuming. She cleaned a full dresser and bed unit which we now need to assemble up stairs too. Slowly the house is coming along, can’t wait for the bathroom to be done and done! Yahoooo, now if only those contractors would call us back… seems nobody on the Island needs work, very few returned phone calls 🙁

Crazy…. Welp, I’m off.

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