Going to make my millions

Well I conquered facebook apps  – sure, its not really the most elaborate facebook app,… ok, its super basic… STILL, I made a facebook app and it works (See here: http://apps.facebook.com/kbhlstandings/)

Now I’m off to conquer and make my MILLIONS on iPad and iPod Touch / iPhone apps 😀   . Going to download the SDK, though not right now as its 2.5gigs :/ . Due to my slow Internet, that will be an overnight thing. I think I might just start with a KBHL app again and see how it goes, may have to learn cocoa or xcode or whatever the language is in use 😛 You can tell I haven’t looked into it much yet. If I do get something going, I’m sure I’ll blog on it.

Gotta keep learning new things eh! Creating stuff is fun, especially when its useful to people! And nothing is more useful these days than Apple Apps!

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