Things to do during a hurricane

Here is a list of things to do during a hurricane:

  • Listen to CBC (almost as exciting as something on CNN… no not really) CHECK
  • Run around outside in the rain CHECK
  • Work on front deck as the wind howls CHECK
  • Do donuts on lawn tractor and drive through puddles in the downpour CHECK
  • Climb up on roof, clean gutters, have ladder get blown down, look in window helplessly looking for someone to put the ladder back up, scramble down nearby tree branch CHECK
  • Run hand in hand with your love down to the river in the pouring rain, getting soaked and giggling like school girls CHECK
  • Start cleaning out your attic and laying down insulation for winder CHECK

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2 thoughts on “Things to do during a hurricane

  1. Lesson 1: don’t use the ladder when it’s blowing like a banshee and raining drops the size of toonies outside (and if you do and you’re the one holding the ladder steady, don’t look up … you’ll choke from the water going up your nose) – a lesson we learned in 2003 when Juan came to play and filled the gutters with leaves… :>

    Lesson 2: wear a WATERPROOF jacket with a HOOD when standing in the doorway during a hurricane coaxing a dog who is scared to go out to do her business in all that noisy rain and wind …

    Lesson 3: After the first hour, CBC radio during a storm is an exercise in masochism…

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