More random thoughts, yes I have many

  1. cheap screwdriver bits (especially robertson ones) are completely useless!
  2. appreciates that CMHC thinks they are giving us money to help complete projects. There are two problems with this:
    1. its OUR money anyways so.. thanks for nothing :/
    2. you’re not helping us by giving us little bits of money at a time, all of the products on our house were loaded on onto our credit cards so we could actually USE them. So inspecting our house to see the completion of projects so that you can give us more of OUR money to complete these projects in the first place makes zero sense 🙁
  3. How do I get 4 cavities in the span of a year since last dentist visit :/ … man, I hate getting cavities filled, someone, please, just punch me in the face 😀
  4. Its a challenge to work on a deck as a one man team, a challenge I face gladly however,… since I wouldn’t know what to do with another helper anyways as I hum and haw about what to do on our rotten old front porch.
  5. Can’t wait for hurricane Earl tom come our way, too bad it will likely be only a blowy rainy storm at that point 😛
  6. I wonder why we have SO many spiders around here? (mostly outside the house)
  7. I wonder where all our beetles have gone,… poor things, they were pushed out by all our cleaning.
  8. Man, waiting for new toys, like iPads or next gen Wii’s is the worst, yet its the best at the same time. Waiting / anticipation….

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