Happy Anniversary and Happy Birthday

A happy anniversary, (just the phrase, not necessarily the sentiment) and happy birthday go out to my mom and dad, and mom respectively. Today, if I’m right will be their wedding anniversary, and tomorrow will be moms birthday. Its almost the time when you don’t want to remember anything but I can’t just not remember anything, pretend like it never happened or whatever. I’d like to in some way remember each year these events to honour mom. So she knows we haven’t forgotten about her and that we miss her everyday. And its some pain even worse for my dad who may not have all the distractions I have 1800 miles away with a new baby etc.  Losing a parent is really hard, and I know so many others go through it, every day in fact, and people have to deal with worse situations, still, its hard and I wish I was still one of the ‘it hasn’t happened to me yet’ people.  A few more years would have been real nice! but then probably I’d always say ‘just a few more years’.

Heres to missing my mom and my parents marriage and example for us and their Christian upbringing and display of faith.

Happy Birthday  Mom and Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad!

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2 thoughts on “Happy Anniversary and Happy Birthday

  1. My dad died in 1993 at 68 years old. Sunday would have been his 85th birthday, and 2 days before that, my parents’ 61st wedding anniversary. I call Mom on those difficult days (at least the anniversary) even now, over 15 years later. It IS hard to lose a parent. Especially the first year – all those firsts.

    I like to think that Dad is allowed to watch the fun times, the things that would make him laugh or at least chuckle – or the things that would make him proud. I consider him part of the great cloud of witnesses cheering us on, as is every believer who’s gone on before. I believe your mother is among them too.

    She knows you miss her. She’s rooting for you. Keep making her proud.

  2. Never thought of that before, mom being part of the great cloud of witnesses… very cool! Great thought indeed!

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