Work work work

It is kinda nice for a few days to have nothing scheduled. The pressure is on for us to get the decks done and bathroom reno at least started so that we can start paying our mortgage. I thought we had 6 months from taking possession of the house to completion of renos. Not so much, 6 months from when they approved the mortgage :/ So we had only 3 months really to get it all done and with all the family and friends over, getting house things done was slow going. Gladly now we’re moving along. The rear deck should be complete in … oh, maybe another 2 nights or so, then onto the front deck / porch, whatever you wanna call it. It doesn’t have a ton of work, but like everything, it just takes time.

Nothing to it but to do it, thats what I like to say! Nothing is really ever that hard,  you just gotta start doin it! I figure stuff out as I go, I never have a master plan, I just start doing it.

On another note, we got our septic pumped, kinda an unexpected / unknown expense. I say kinda because we knew we probably had to get it pumped, not knowing where it was or when it was last pumped but we had to pay the big bucks to locate it, ok, only $50 … and then had to pay for a backhoe to come in and dig it up since we didn’t have much of an idea how deep it was. We installed a riser too, SO… next time or for the next person, it will be easy to find and pump. The price of that will DEFINITELY be worked into the sale price should we decide to sell it,… times 2 🙂 I’m THAT nice a guy!

So we’re spending money, maybe some of which we don’t really have but we’re getting everything to a place where we’re good to go for a good number of years. Part of investing in the house, and all the things we’ve done have added to that investment I think. Upgrades, fixes, all of it, on this house at least, is improving its value at this point. So in a way really, we’re saving for our future, or retirement, or for our kids inheritance, whatever may be. Thats the beauty of home ownership!

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