Where are the competitors?

The iPad has been out for months, … where are all the real competitors? There is Joojoo, Archos, HP, EeePC, Google, WePad etc. all either not out or lame. There are some ‘convertible’ laptops but they are still running Windows, problem there is its not optimized for touchscreen, nor does it have instant on capabilities like the iPad. The killer apps on the iPad aren’t the word processing or large app store, the best features of the iPad are the instant on aspect and the 10 hour battery life. No one has a tablet out that comes close.

I think Archos is closest, but the quality isn’t there in the reviews I’ve been reading. Its hard to beat the fit and finish of an Apple product PLUS the brilliantly smooth and responsive iOS 3 and 4 on the iPad. Its no where near something like windows which requires boot up, software loading (sure iPad has to load software but for all intents and purposes, its instant), as well, the system doesn’t get slow. Its optimized and managed so well that it keeps optimum response speed for the most part. Sure, maybe you can’t do full out multi tasking (which creates the slowness) but I’d rather have ┬ásuper quick responsive interface on a device like this then the ability to multitask.

When do you ever REALLY need to multitask anyways? When crunching an iMovie? So you browse the web while its doing its thing? sure, but you won’t be creating feature length films on the iPad its not meant for that and I totally get it. For me, the iPad could virtually replace a desktop for 95% of users, business, school, and home.

What do people need / want to do on PCs?

  • Play Games – CHECK
  • Read / Respond to email – CHECK
  • Browse the internet, have bookmarks etc – CHECK
  • Import photos and movies and show them – CHECK
  • Do word processing, spreadsheets, powerpoint, CHECK CHECK CHECK
  • Chat on MSN – CHECK
  • Check news, weather – CHECK
  • Do skype video calls (coming soon!)
  • Print documents – ok, this is the one downer but I suspect this will be included in gen 2.

Really, there isn’t much you can’t do on the iPad as long as you don’t mind seeing one application at a time. Is there anything YOU can think of that the iPad can’t do or won’t do with the second gen iPad?

Sure, I’ll keep my macbook for crunching movies, and doing website stuff, design on my external monitor and things like that but for 95% of people like I say… you don’t need anything more or less then an iPad!

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