Ready for home

I’m ready to get home, back to the Island. seems like SO long ago my family was there cause I had to leave for work right away :/ And when I get home, Lindseys cousin will be there to stay with us for a couple weeks. I’ll be happy once the weekend comes around and I can relax, enjoy the mostly quiet house, and enjoy the breezes and smell of the Island (even if that smell is from the farm). Hm,… might be nice to go to a beach or something… or second though, how about I just do nothing for a day. That would be cool!

Got a few more hours of work here, then I’m off to board an Air Canada Jazz flight. I think I’ll feel like I’m in Canada once I get on board one of them.

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2 thoughts on “Ready for home

  1. Hey Guys! I checked out your blog and pics…everything looks so beautiful! I am VERY happy for you all! Your daughter is soooo sweet too! Looks like you’re living your dream life 🙂 May God continue to bless you guys!!! All the best from me 🙂

  2. Nothin’ like Air Canada Jazz to make you feel at home eh? Those birds are really cool – the ones that aren’t the “bush pilot” downsized version that is… some of them even fold their wings back a bit in flight to become more aerodynamic. That’s neat to watch.

    There’s something really special about PEI. I do a lot of complaining about it in the winter… (but then again I console myself with the fact that the criminals don’t like the cold either). In the summer though – especially in the rural areas – it’s about as close to paradise as one can imagine in our climate. I don’t even mind the smell of the manure – unless it’s pigs or chickens. (grin)

    Welcome back, wandering traveler. Your wife is counting the hours until you get home.

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