Vacation and Family

Getting ready for a week of vacation! I think I have to admit that I’m very ready for some vacation, to clear my mind, relax a bit from the whole house renovation stuff (a little bit anyways 😛 ). It’ll be real nice to have my whole family over here, and my mom in spirit I guess. Still hurts that mom won’t be around anymore but there isn’t anything I can do about that. We’ll see her again one day and maybe come back to PEI all together as a family when heaven is on earth! 🙂 If PEI is even around then anymore.

I hope to do lots of driving and touristy things, go to some beaches, see some lighthouses, spend hard earned money at little seafood joints around the Island, that sort of thing.

Hey, maybe I can get in some artsy photo shoots and get some movies for as well. Never have time these days, OH so busy with house stuff.

Oops, haven’t posted this one yet… slacker. The fun begins real soon! (vacation that is)

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  1. You’ve worked hard for this vacation Micah. We hope you have a wonderful – and healing – time with your family this week. God bless.

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