Winter and Ceilidhs

Couple of things, I can’t wait for winter.. Why? Well, I’m going to have a plow on my lawn tractor so I want to try pushing snow with it 🙂 Oh and the main reason is that I want to start using our furnace! Want to burn up all that junk wood down there, and clean it out and also dry out that basement real good! It needs it! Plus we can save money on hot water once I get the water coil rigged up.

Secondly, here is a video compilation of Cynthia Macleods ceilidh at the Brackley Beach Hall. Here website is here. The Ceilidh was great, they’re always great, a new guy I hadn’t heard was on, JJ Chaisson (?). Anyways, he was playing guitar and picking as if he was on fiddle, it was crazy!

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