The house is quiet and still again (or maybe this is the first time it has been actually since moving in). Our visitors are on their way home, Granny and Rita. We’re left to ourselves with a new child, a new house and many years ahead of child rearing. Its a life changing event to have a kid and with a new house as well, its as if we’re starting fresh, everything is new, nothing is familiar.

I think I like the idea of growing up with all your family in the same house, parents, grandparents etc for life. Its more crowded but there is also lots more help when new babies come along, lots of wisdom and experience right there for you, lots of support and big family events. Here are 4 generations of women:

4 generations of women

Whats next for us? Well, lots more renovations to get completed, lots more visitors coming (my family are all coming first week of August and I get my first week of vacation off!! I need it! Ok the first week was when Arden came, it wasn’t so much relaxing though, its a different sort of experience).  I’m really enjoying life right now, the Lord blesses and the Lord is blessing. Praise be to Him!

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  1. Is this really the first time you guys will be on your own with Arden? That’s awesome that you’ve had so much support! But I’m sure it will be nice to have your house to yourself again … at least for a week or two 🙂

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