My Lawn Tractor – Sears Craftsman LT4000

Here is the lawn tractor I got for $100. It was a great deal, the only thing wrong with it is the ignition solenoid. $22 replacement cost from Canadian Tire (ordered and on its way!) For now I can bypass it and jump the starter directly.

[youtube WcxybkNmQw0]

Here are the specifics:

  • Make: Sears Craftsman
  • Model: LT4000
  • 12.5 HP Briggs and Stratton Industrial / Commercial Engine
  • 38inch cut width

The deck has some rusty bits, a small hole in the top as well. I’m just going to put lots of rust paint all over it, it’ll look like new. And I got the blades all sharpened up – next purchase I need is a power washer to clean it!

I’ve always wanted a lawn tractor, always thought they were so cool. And it makes mowing the lawn so fun. I’ve no idea why, its just so fun.

Some accessories I want to get:

  • Snow blade for winter
  • grass bagging attachement
  • Utility trailer (might make my own)
  • Bigger tires so I can raise the height of the deck further

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One thought on “My Lawn Tractor

  1. I have that same tractor, and I am in the middle of restoring it from the chassis all the way up. They are a great running tractor, and will give you years of more use out of it, as long as you take the proper care of it. I am in the middle of repainting the whole tractor including the engine. Have fun with one amazing purchase!

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