The days events and thoughts

Another busy day planned here, already had a life insurance appointment – done.. Getting the Calibers wheels aligned and our yearly (PEI) inspection completed, and have a house insurance dude coming this aft so our house is officially covered by insurance, yahoo! A couple more things to cross off the list.

I should list off ALL the things that all had to happen in a particular order for this whole house purchasing thing to get done… but it would be long and take far too much effort.  Crazy, can’t wait for 3 months from now. Arden will be sleeping through the night, the largest of our projects will be complete and (hopefully) paid for by the bank – which is our money anyways.. and we will be able to relax a bit more, maybe at that point I can start packing my firewood in!

The weekend flew by, we were busy working on the upstairs rooms. I got the bathroom partly torn apart, its ready for some new plumbing and a new bathtub. At least that project is started, just going to slap up some new drywall and then purchase the big item – the double vanity – I think thats what Lindsey has decided on. I need a couple weeks off to work on all this stuff, its a full time job!

Anyways, off to work. Never have enough time to blog either… I’ll get around to it!

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