Moving this weekend, yahoooo!

Well, this weekend is the ‘big’ moving weekend, though we have moved atleast 60% of our stuff already, maybe more. Helps to have a trailer and to take a load a day! Luckily the new house isn’t TOO far away! A good 20 minutes anyways. Haven’t tested my Internet yet, thats one of the most important things! For work anyways. According to Bell Aliant it should just work when I plug it in. I’ll believe that when it happens 😉

So happy to get out of rentals!! And to be able to do our own thing. Hopefully its a nice sunny dry weekend and I can get lots of work done!! I’m ready to go, just have zero – 1 time to get anything done 🙁 Frustrating when I can’t make stuff happen. I need another 2 weeks off just to get things done around the house.

1640 New Glasgow Road, Wheatley River

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One thought on “Moving this weekend, yahoooo!

  1. Hi Micah, Lindsey and ARDEN.

    Great to see your photos and website which I have passed on to my parents in Chapelton. Presume the photos were taken with the Nikon (which I still don’t have the pennies for).

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