Time Machine – Mac

Quick one:

Time machine:

  • just works
  • was able to restore after putting in a fresh harddrive on a total reinstall
  • backed up EVERYTHING as far as I can see AND restored everything
  • did I say it JUST WORKS? Thats big for me and backup software!

So simple, sure a few advanced options would be nice, I’m using the exclude option already but for ‘free’ (atleast included) software, it does its job in excellent fashion.


  • after restore and install of OSX, time machine doesn’t want to continue to use the backup from the old machine, it forces you to create a whole NEW time machine backup file. That means 250gigs of fresh transferring which takes hours. Plus, because I only have a 500gig backup drive, I  first had to free up space which meant deleting my 250 gig previous time machine backup (which it didn’t want to use). that means for the length of time it took to delete and remake the time machine files, I could have had a drive failure and be toast :S . Luckily all went well.. .still, need a way around that! Sure a 1 TB drive would be nice, just don’t have all that money right now…

Would I recommend it? Yep, its Apple and it just works, no  questions asked.

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