Brewing the right cup of coffee

I’ve been a Nabob fan for a long time, in terms of the pre-ground coffee, it had the best flavour and I’ve been through many different varieties at home and at work. I don’t think there is much that comes close (of what is available in the local grocery store) to Nabob fine grind coffee.   However, the other week I was looking at grinding my own coffee, we already had a grinder, had to get one because someone, sometime got us some whole beans – I forget exactly why.. anyways, we have a grinder already. So, I figured, grinding my own should be much fresher and tastier in theory, plus, if I’m doing the grinding, it should be a cheaper way to buy coffee too?

So I bought a big bag of whole beans, I forget what kind, not important, and it does turn out to be 1/3rd of the cost I think, I need to check again. Anyways, for less money, I can be snobby and grind my own stash – this looks good for visitors, they think ‘wow, must be good coffee if hes grinding it himself’ :P. So its cheaper, fresher, and just plain fun to do.

You should check it out too. Here are the pros:

  • saves on packaging
  • ends up being cheaper
  • You get the fun of grinding yourself
  • the fresh ground aroma is great
  • you get a more fresh tasting brew
  • you can grind as needed according to how you’ll be brewing, ie, do you use a french press for yourself, and maybe a drip type when company is over?
  • Beans stay fresher for longer because they are whole – saving much of those aromatic and tasty oils

Does it make sense for you? Any reason why you do or do not grind?

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3 thoughts on “Brewing the right cup of coffee

  1. I’ve found fresh-ground coffee has a much better kick too 🙂 If I didn’t want to avoid waking the rest of the house up at 5am, I’d grind my own, just for the added boost.

    And I had no idea it was cheaper to buy beans — something to keep in mind when the kids are all grown up!

  2. it’s the only way to go – it does taste better, although, I would agree fully with what you have said about nabob. They have fairly nice coffee. It’s probably a marketing ploy, but they also appear be trying to do what they can in having an operation with a decreased environmental impact (as per their commercials) – the television never lies right? One thing I like to look for in coffee is fair trade coffee; however this obviously does not affect the taste.
    happy grinding…
    happy grinding…

  3. I agree both with your liking for Nabob as the best pre-ground grocery store coffee for the money.
    But you can’t beat fresh ground beans! Up here (NWT) the beans are more expensive but they’re great quality (Kicking Horse brand is my favourite so far of the one’s available up here.)

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