Ardens First Picnic

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This was our first picnic at Rackhams Pond, Wheatley River, PE. The pond was used as a mill and is now being’restored’ somewhat for use as a park by an association ┬ámade up of Wheatley River residents. Very cool! There is an apple tree, the one behind us (maybe crab apple), and the pond is stocked with 1000 trout, ready for fishing next year. There also looks to be a great little swimming hole just after the outlet in the rapids past the pond. This should be good for a bit of tubing as well!

Ardens first picnic at Rackhams Pond, Wheatley River, PE on May 24th, AKA, Lindseys birthday!

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One thought on “Ardens First Picnic

  1. Great spot!!
    And so close to home for you. I look forward to checking it out soon.
    Just need a little dory or canoe now!

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