How we are going to live GREEN

We were talking yesterday about all the opportunities and possibilities we’ll have at our new house when we get it. 1/3 of an acre isn’t huge but its certainly enough to do some basic stuff. So, here is a list of things we want to do in a green / natural way:

  • Get 2 egg laying chickens – so we have 2 eggs per day – put them under a movable cage that we can shift across the grass during the summer
  • Burn wood for heat – as its a renewable resource – and also happens to be the cheapest way to heat around here
  • Grow strawberries
  • Plant an apple tree for lots of apples in season for pies, sauces, just eating, maybe for giving away too
  • Get maple syrup from the Manitoba Maple on the property, its a big old one which should work, they have about half as much sap generally as a similar sized sugar maple, and a little less sugar content, still people still do use them for maple syrup
  • Plant chives
  • Use solar power to power the lights in the shed and chicken coop via solar hot air and PV
  • Get a fishing license – we have a river right beside our place that has good fishing, plus a pond up the river a bit where you can catch and keep up to 5 per day! Plan is to catch fish and freeze them for eating. Now how cool is that?!!
  • Plant a garden of some sort – Lindseys part more so
  • Setup rain water barrels for watering plants and washing cars and such

Not REALLY homesteading 😀 … but a much further way to becoming self-sufficient – too bad we have a great big mortgage that we need real jobs to pay for.

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