Work and Vacation (or something similar to it)

What a funny old image, old computer, old telephone, AND an ash tray right on the desk 😀

Work is busy these days! I could easily work an extra 2 hours a day and still have lots of things on my plate to do.  Stressful indeed, not to the point I’d want to kill myself, or that I’m getting ulcers 😛 … When I first arrived at the company where I now work, there was an air hockey table, from the days I guess where everything was a little less formal. Anyways, its good and I’m blessed to have a good job for a good company! Thanks to the Lord for that!

I’m looking forward to a week off. I’m scheduled for next week but it all depends when exactly the baby decides to come out. Not that it will be a restful week, but it will be a nice change. You always get to that certain point every year before vacation and you just know its time to take a break (longer then 2 days which are usually packed with either visitors, household duties or church commitments.) Actually even 3 day weekends are real nice, I may schedule to take some of those as it really stretches out your vacation time it seems (and its easier for the office to deal with)

btw, where is the keyboard and mouse? Or was this an Apple touchscreen imac from the future but made to LOOK old as they were testing the markets back in,… the 80s when this cartoon was made? Who’s to know.. And a pencil? Who uses those anymore :/ I can relate to the coffee though.

On the gourmet side of things, we purchased our first big bag of coffee beans, so for the next month or so we’ll be grinding our own.  Haven’t figured out if its cheaper or not. I think it ends up being a bit cheaper. Should make for nice fresh punchy coffee though!

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