Happy Mothers Day

Happy Mothers Day to all the moms. Especially Lindsey, though the baby is still in her tummy. And Happy Mothers day to my mom who passed away a couple months ago. Its a little sad to realize my mom is not with us any more but I don’t want to forget either. Life will never be the same. It never is when a family member or someone close dies. Now I get to pass on parenting techniques that my mother employed on us. We’ve also paid close attention to our friends and family who do have kids, we saw how they disciplined, loved, cared for and generally parented their kids. We’ve seen things we liked, things we didn’t and now we get to try it out ourselves. I guess its not really ‘trying’, more like just ‘doing’ and hopefully it all works out.

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One thought on “Happy Mothers Day

  1. One thing that has always struck me about our family is God’s blessing on us of a whole family.

    Everybody knows a friend’s family whose family has had a member pass on.

    We got our whole childhood and more with a whole, complete family. I don’t suppose you can ask for more.

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