6 Evidences of a Young Earth

Ever wonder what evidence there was for a young earth? Or have you simply heard it here and there and thought creationist christians were stupid?

Check this link out from Answers in Genesis

“Without millions and billions of years, evolutionary history completely falls apart. Here are just a few of many credible evidences from various branches of science that tell of a world much younger than evolutionists claim.”

The truth is pretty obvious yet the eyes of mankind are blinded and its people that out of their will look past all the obvious evidence and search, dig and create ‘proofs’ for an older earth. When it comes right down to it, it makes no sense at all to believe in an old earth – based on the real science that we can observe and test (they cannot observe and test evolution fyi)

The Psalm I’m reading today fits RIGHT in!:

Psalm 14 – For the choir director: A psalm of David. Only fools say in their hearts, “There is no God.”

I didn’t write this stuff folks, God did! I can’t be unPC for quoting the bible can I?

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3 thoughts on “6 Evidences of a Young Earth

  1. This weekend I’ve been discussing with other people on Slashdot.org about evolution and creation.

    I don’t know exactly how we’re all supposed to fit into the body of Christ but I do feel good in that one little area that I can contribute to and help other people to learn about creation.

    You’d be amazed at all the gaps people can find even in links like the one you posted.

    There’s a lot to know and understand. As they say, it takes all kinds, and I think the body of Christ works that way. Some people are toes, some people are little hairs, some people are finger nails, some people are skin cells, etc.,

  2. People find gaps in everything because they are desperately looking for it. Mean while the gaps in what THEY believe are so huge, you miss them just cause they are so huge, or its one of those things they just explain away as not knowing everything. Then when it comes to questions for creation, we have to have an answer for every little detail and its still not good enough for them. Most people just decide / choose NOT to believe. I just take that for what it is. Its our responsibility to tell them, what they do with it after is not our concern. We’ll see them at the great white throne judgement and they’ll have to answer why they didn’t believe. Won’t be any bickering or arguing then cause they won’t be able to deny the truth any longer.

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