Oak trees growing

Our Oak trees survived another winter, the tops of them dried out but the bases held on and so leaves are springing out of the base of each. I guess our house is just SO dry in the winter and I’m not really sure how often to water it, their hibernating for the winter aren’t they, or maybe dormant is the more correct word but I’m not sure how alive they are when they are dormant and if they need water. I need one of those glass water globes that drip water our as the soil becomes dry! I’m hoping we can plant them. Maybe this year at the new house we can, I just want to be sure no animals get them! The squirrels seem to eat off the leaves :/

Its supposed to be sunny today so maybe after work we’ll go for a drive before sunset. All the beaches are ready to go for summer though its not totally warm yet. Still nice there when the sun is bright. Anyways. Just drinking my coffee this morning, its quiet here now that J & D and Ks left. Can’t wait for the weekend! I can never wait for the weekend. Can’t wait for warm sunny weather as well.

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