Checks and Balances

Remember the blog I wrote on how the earth fixes itself, ie, it was created that way by God?

Popaganda Wars

Anywho, so the more CO2 we create (by burning fossil fuels,  cutting down trees which absorb it, etc) is actually GOOD for the environment in a way, see plants, trees, etc BREATH CO2. So, the more CO2, the more plants and trees will grow and the faster they will grow. This is a great example of checks and balances.

Too much CO2? Great, more plants will grow to breath it in and exhale oxygen.

Too much Oxygen? Great, humans and animals will prosper, growing bigger and stronger and requiring more oxygen and make use of the extra, and exhaling CO2

God built these things into the world, it JUST works, it figures itself out. God is awesome, thats why it can do that!

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3 thoughts on “Checks and Balances

  1. Oh dear me…it’s not all good. Take a look at the negative things happening around you in the world due to human inducated climate change. The world can only handle *so* much.

    Equater HD is a nature channel and they’re carrying a “I Have Seen the Earth Change” documentary series about different cultures and how climate change is affecting their lives as they’ve never known it in all their history and traditions.

    We’re messing up the world.

  2. Think of it this way, there is nothing we can do really to eternally wreck the earth. If we mess it up so much that it doesn’t support life for us humans, we all die off, and it rebounds. Think of Chernobyl, humans wrecked it so much that they could not live there anymore. And now, many years later, nature has taken it over, new growth, new animals living there, its consumed what was an urban area. Anything we do will cause an equal and opposite reaction from the earth to a place where the earth is in balance again. The nature shows show short term stuff, wait 100 years and see what it looks like then.

  3. hah well you have to say that then

    you sound like you’re denying that we’re really wrecking our planet for us to live on

    wait 100 years at this rate and your children will have a horrific planet to live on compared to what we have now (not to mention the difference between today and 100 years ago)

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