The Texan Waffle

Did I show you a pic of the Texas shaped waffle yet? Here she be. I thought it was quite a novelty. Where was I… somewhere just below or between the blogs of butter I think. I suppose I could google it real quick right now but … meh, thats how lazy I am right now.

I keep having ‘great’ ideas for blogs but then when I get around to writing htem, I forget what I was going to write about. This does cover one of them though.

Lets see, whats new… Lindseys last day of work today, 2 weeks until due date, also 2 weeks until closing date for the house. We have visitors coming over, Jenny and Dwayne and chillys from the NWT. Today actually they are doing the LONG drive from Montreal to the Island, about a 12 hour trip and longer really once you factor in stops, kid breaks etc. ¬†Montreal isn’t really half way but Aunt Karen does provide a nice bedroom and company, and 12 hours isn’t TOO bad, if you’re going to waste a day driving, might as well make it a full long day! So they should arrive tonight at around 10 or 11. ¬†Looking forward to Lindsey being OFF work!! This will be the first saturday in a long time that we have together off to relax. Its hard when she is working saturdays as sunday, being the only day we are both off, is usually packed full of church responsibilities. Well, my battery is going to die shortly, better roll upstairs and plugin and get ready for work.

I’m really blessed to be able to work from home, its an awesome privilege! Anyways, thats another blog maybe.

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