What I need for my Macbook

Lets see, related to my Mac, I need the following:
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  • New harddrive, I have 8 gigs, left. Need a Hitachi 500gig 7200RPM 2.5inch drive
  • Also need OSX Snow Leopard (yes, I’m still running Tiger, not even Leopard yet 🙁  ). I need the boxset though because I can’t upgrade from Tiger to Snow Leopard.

Hey, maybe money will fall out of the sky 🙂  . Hoping to get these in a couple months when some more money comes in and my poor old macbook will be refreshed.

Oh, and just for good measure:

  • 4 fresh gigs of ram – granted my macbook would only recognize 3 gigs, this is the max I can put in. 1 extra gig WILL make a difference though, significantly as I’ve found with Macs.

Grand total cost: $450 w/o tax or shipping.

Looking to upgrade your PC or Mac?  RAM is usually the easiest and cheapest way / great bang for your buck in upgrading.

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