Glad to be home on the Island again. The trip was busy and stressful – especially the travel to which I basically lost 2 full days not including ‘working’ days. Still haven’t quite caught up on sleep after being up basically all night friday night. I would never choose to be a trainer, traveling all around doing this. I can see where it can be interesting, especially if all I had to worry about was training, but if you have a life, a family, hobbies, church, whatever, traveling isn’t good. Even for twice the money I don’t think it would be worth the time away from home, away from the regular schedule of life that is nice to settle  into.

Its quite gusty and rainy here, and chilly, a far cry (whatever far cry really means 😛 ) from down south. I’ll take it any day though, I love being in Canada.

SO busy with house things here and baby things, seminars, appointments, scheduling in contractors for work on the new house etc.

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