Said the girl to the boy

A real conversation between myself and a nice car rental clerk person whatever in Dallas:

girl: Oh, you’re from Prince Edward Island, thats neat
boy: (smiles) yep

2 minutes later

girl: where is Prince Edward Island?
boy: its a province in Canada … :/

5 minutes on

girl: (as boy signs for car) oh, you’re left handed
boy: (smiles again) yep
girl: did you break your arm or something or were you born that way?
boy: ah, … yep, I was born that way  :S

… Good times …

On Texas in general, where I am, Henderson, in … east Texas, its 27 degrees celsius out, quite humid, and everything is very lush, foliage and all, colourful flowers are out, lots of birds chirping and nature sounds surprisingly even though lots of big trucks rumble on by. No sidewalks where I am, I suppose its more of a business area – why would you walk when you have a huge gas guzzling SUV anyways?  Maybe its just cause I’ve just come out of winter but the green, and the smells and nature are all quite vibrant and saturated here. Life grows all year around here I suppose basically, as it only sometimes gets below freezing. Trees seem a bit bigger, fuller, underbrush is impassible, vines run everywhere, ants and crickets are busy walking and hopping around (respectively) and many wild plants are blooming, trees overhand many of the back streets and highways. Quite and interesting place. And oh, did I mention the gun and ammo shops? They are plentiful…

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