Well done world

Well done UN, world leaders, security counsel, and whomever else has their hands in dealing with nations that don’t follow the rules. All these threats of sanctions do nothing. THere are lots of ‘resolutions’ but countries never follow them. Iran, North Korea..  What is the security counsel there for if they can’t enforce anything.

Diplomacy frustrates me most of the time, how about ‘git er dun’, less wobbling and squabbling.  The world needs a leader that can really make things happen. Oops, did I just define the antichrist as written of in the bible that will appear in the end times and ‘get things done’??

Even when I don’t intend to speak about the bible or prophecy, it comes up 😀 Seriously world, get something done, deal with things, get a backbone!

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One thought on “Well done world

  1. That’s the whole problem with someone who can actually get things done. They’re a dictator.

    Like it or not, democracy is favourable to any other solution.

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