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I think I made up a word – ‘musings’ (the plural). I don’t see it in the mac dictionary… ohwell. I went for a walk to get the blood flowing, sitting in a chair all day does nothing for the hips… or stomach,… or cholesterol. Every little bit of exercise helps. Its a rainy night but not raining actually, not when I was out anyways. It was just wet everywhere, a nice quite glistening night.

Went to my (our) first baby class the other night, that was interesting. To me it reminded me of going to get my snowmobile license or some other certification or something. Small group of people around a table with a leader reading a powerpoint line by line, punching through all the bullets, show us acrostics to remember key rules of thumb with. We also got to watch videos of the ‘birthing process’ XD  . Interesting. Some of the animated vids had such subtle movement in them, you weren’t sure what the narrator was talking about, ie, Uterine contractions. Oh, and we got to see a baby come out, blood, gore, innards and all. Seriously… ok, seriously folks, those who think that the ‘species’ of man evolved this complex / precise mechanic of reproducing are crazy. I haven’t even had a kid yet and the stuff that happens all in sequence to even just get the baby out of the mother is a miracle. Its really incredible. Evolution doesn’t do that :/ . I’m sure I’ll have more to say later on this.

Buying a house – so the offer that had a clause that we could not present another offer has been amended to include… a different offer. Did you get that? So basically the offer with conditions doesn’t mean much as long as you scribble and initial it each time you want to change something. So I’m learning things about the home buying process 🙂 Its interesting indeed. I’ve gotten SO many quotes for 4 different major things over the last couple of days. Actually, I didn’t get many responses, left many messages, some businesses don’t want my business I guess. Ohwell. Its exciting, this whole process, and a bit stressful too.

And I have to go to Texas for a business trip next week. Should be interesting, will be my second ‘big’ business trip of my life,… milestones 😉 . I’m not one for loving going on business trips but it will be an experience no less. Never been to Texas, maybe I’ll bring back one of those oversized novelty cowboy hats??!! Now that I have a wife, I need to bring her something from Texas too (hopefully I’ll remember to get something from someplace other then the Dallas airport 😛 ) . This though is hanging over my head too, bit stressed about it. I will indeed be glad once its over.

Once I’m back I can stress again about our first baby and a new house :S  Need to remember to slow down and enjoy the whole first baby thing as its more important!

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