My Cluttered Life

Currently life is cluttered, rushed, out of time.. it seems anyways. Lots of things happening, we’re having a baby, we’re buying a house (those two are HUGE mental activities and will be for the next couple of months), we have an easter play to get ready for, then I have to do a business trip to texas (which stresses me out, i’m sure it will be fine, I just don’t like traveling that much, not for work anyways), then we’ll be into crunch time for the baby (haven’t got a baby seat yet for the car), will need to get contractors into the house, the insurance finalized, the roof and bathroom repaired / renovated respectively. Oh, did I mentioned that the house we’re in now also has to be in tip top shape because its going back on the market so we will need to be allowing viewings while we’re juggling getting another house, me being away, the last 2 months of pregnancy… oiy.

If its day by day, then we’re managing, just lots going on out of the ordinary. Oh what a day it will be when all of this is settled, we’re in our new house, with a new baby, sure there will be some sleepless nights, not so worried about that. I want to have all this scheduling and setting up of appointments out of the way and just be able to mentally relax.

I hate waiting for big events like the easter play thing and the business trip, they just weigh on my mind and I stress about them. On the bright side, I think we figured out the harmony I’m supposed to be singing in the easter play 😛 Hopefully I’ll remember it and not choke on stage. Oh Joy!

Methinks I’ll be MUCH happier in 2 weeks, that being after the big trip, after all the house buying stuff or after most of its complete and once we’re a bit more in the ‘baby is on its way’ mode.

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3 thoughts on “My Cluttered Life

  1. Hey we’re praying for you guys as you navigate through this season of huge change. AND praying that you sing on key! 😉 Wish we could give you a hand with some of your coming home renovations…

  2. Prayin for ya Micah. Keep trusting in Him. and I agree with Matt, black out. And your singing? I’d honestly like to see it! Cool beans

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