What? We’re still learning things about the earth?


Apparently they now figure that wind patterns and not direct global warming are causing the melting of the arctic ice. I think these things are cyclical. BUT, the point is, man is still learning about the world. We don’t understand 5% of whats going on in the world so why do people like Al Gore go nuts on global warming? We need to not go nuts and jump on bandwagons, we need to reduce, reuse, and recycle just because we want to be good stewards of the earth and honouring to God, not because we could somehow destroy a world that God Himself is holding in balance. No, we won’t destroy the earth, only God will do that, or renovate it anyways.

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2 thoughts on “What? We’re still learning things about the earth?

  1. You gotta start listening to scientists on the topic and not the us conservative christian right. I don’t know why but conservatives (and conservative christians) tend not to believe they are doing harm to their environment. It would mean they were doing wrong. And probably because it will cost them in the pocket book to change.

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