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Did the sky fall? I haven’t blogged in like 2 or 3 days… shame shame.

Ok, so the iPad is selling about 120k per day apparently, amazing. People just have SO much money to spend, or… maybe they’re just tacking it on their credit card and hoping to pay of the card by the time the unit is actually shipped to them (April 3rd or so). Good news for Apple. I fear though that this ‘tablet’ is leading to super simplified computing devices that potentially are a lot more closed than regular PC’s. ie, you can’t just make any software for them, they all have to go through the itunes store, be accepted by Apple and all. You can’t just download stuff for them. Its good and its bad, its good cause it probably means there will be less crappy / buggy software, its bad because Apple now controls your world when it comes to computers and online access etc. At this point though, I don’t think that would hold me back from getting one 🙂

Buying a house

yes, more blog on buying a house, we took a daylight walkthrough / around a house we’re interested in. Lots of fix up stuff that needs to be done but not out of the question. We are close to getting the offer in and getting an inspection done on the place. That can be nerve wracking (yes, thats actually how you spell it, I looked it up 😉 ) a bit. To add to all this excitement (?), we have a baby on the way, tons of visitors scheduled to see us including parents, all the utilities we have to switch over, mail, oh, and i have to do a business trip for a week to do some training / setup 😛 . I really don’t like doing ‘business trips’. Too much stress for me, I turned down the position of ‘trainer’ just for that reason, I don’t know why people like doing the training thing traveling around all the time. I suppose if you’re single and not involved in any community things like church or whatever, it might be ok but its not my personality at all. So I just try not to think about that.

I always think, won’t it be nice once this is all over, and we’re settled. Sometimes I wonder if we’ll get to that place, whether the house we decide on will be good or a lemon, whether things will get figured out, whether we will have made the correct decision. Big events in life occurring right now.

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