Irreducible Complexity


If you read the wikipedia article, you can see lots of hints of the writer not really believing what hes writing about. Whether you believe in God or no God, you have faith in something, either that there is a God or your religion / faith is that we evolved over millions of years. You have to agree that you have an opinion and when it comes down to it, you believe that opinion, its a faith.

You might say, but the science backs up what I chose to believe in (faith). Please hear, science backs up the bible and God as much, in fact more than it does evolution. There indeed isn’t much evidence for evolution at all.

The first step is to consider that what you believe may be wrong, I accept that too, we are fallible humans and know SO little about the world around us. Not everything I believe about this world is 100% correct (one day we will all know for sure one way or another). It is however your responsibility to seek out the truth, to weigh the different theories and consider how each might differently affect your outlook, your life, your future.

Never blindly accept anything any human says, that includes all your teachers growing up that taught you evolution without question.

Open yourself up to some differing opinions. Answers in Genesis is a great resource for hearing / seeing some biblically based material that will likely intrigue you and engage your mind again after having shut it off once you got out of school.

This isn’t where I meant to go with this blog title but anyways. If you think you know so much, would you be afraid to listen to opinions that you may not hold? That may indeed change your world view?

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