HTML 5 vs Flash – what is the argument over??

What is this whole fight about anyways? I understand the differences and similarities, they are two completely different base products though delivering content in different ways. In HTML <5 you use flash OR javascript OR AJAX or other tools to deliver dynamic content. ┬áSo why would Apple not support it? Apparently Apple thinks flash crashes macs too much, hm,… is that why Safari has troubles frequently on jpost and cnn? ┬áStill, arguing over these like they are the same thing is stupid, there are more ways to ‘skin a cat’ and these are just 2 of them.

Flash is fine for what it does, HTML is totally different in what its main purpose is. Having said all this, I don’t like all flash websites either … so, I really can’t complain too much that industry is pushing HTML 5 (which allows IF statements basically for programability).

Thats a high level definition of HTML5, but do you have any thoughts on it?

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