iPad – The missing link

I like Apple, no doubt about it, they make some super cool click products. They save me tons of time for all the hobbies I have, organize my photos well, help me make movies and publish to youtube in a click and to my personal photo albums. I have a Macbook now, my wife has two iPods (30gig ‘classic’ and a 32 gig touch), we have lots of mac accessories for the macbook and ipods (well done Apple in all your upsells and tack on products 🙂 ). I just can’t get over how slick the interfaces are.

Example, I bought a ppc6700, touch screen, stylus, full qwerty slide out keyboard on it. Its ok, I even installed the iPHone theme on it and paid money for it 😛 . Which, as a side note, I have for sale on ebay here

Its good, fun to play with but compared to the touch, its slow, prone to mistakes in navigating it, tons of flexibility but the apps don’t ‘just work’ like on apple products. And yes, it was enough that I tried making it into an iPhone. Alas, nothing is as easy to use, and as simple as the real deal.

How does this fit into the ipad? Guess I got off topic. Well the iPad will I think make great strides into the casual emailing/surfing/news reading user spectrum. The ipod touch is ok for quickly browsing headlines but the iPad is GREAT for reading whole news stories with literally the flick of a finger. This is the future of newspapers and books I think. Sure, its a little too big to fit in your pocket but hey, we find room for books in our carry on luggage and we purchase magazines (which you can roll up, but often people have book bags or computer cases to slide it in anyways). I think there is definitely a niche there, a certain number of people looking for a computer but not wanting the hassle of a full imac, or maybe to complement another mac desktop.

Example, I have a macbook, right now, its well tethered to my work desk because I use it 100% for work so its running windows, crunching videos or supporting my webdesign / hosting small business. So often by the time I’m done work or websites, I don’t want to unplug ALL my cables and go downstairs with the macbook, I kinda want to give it a rest really… I use it A LOT!! Yet downstairs I do like to browse facebook, check my email and the touch is just too small to do that for 30 minutes or an hour unless you’re forced to at an airport, you go cross-eyed. This is where something like the iPad fits in, just big enough, yet compact enough that you would carry it around with you to ‘toodle’ around on when board, great as a digital photo frame when not in use, you can even hook up a real keyboard to it making it more like a laptop. Tis a great idea for retired folks for example that do basic stuff and don’t need a big dust collecting windows machine that you need to call in repair techs to clean up or upgrade.

What does it lack? I think before I would get one, I’d like to see multitasking, RDP apps (maybe they exist?.. they might), and ichat with a camera. Definitely need that on there.  I have more thoughts on it but this will suffice for now, I’m interested to see the Canadian price point here and how well it does!

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