I think ‘Own the podium’ is lame, especially now that they are ‘conceding’ to failure of the whole project. Plus its not nice to the athletes. Some quick points

  • Must make the athletes feel like they failed for not living up to Canadas olympic commitee and their expectations
  • Why would you announce this in the middle of the olympics and just make the athletes feel like they’ve failed
  • They should just keep quiet and plan for the next olympics
  • Why would anyone think realistically that if you put 100 million into the athletes that all the sudden – first time ever, you would be leading the medal count in a winter games? Sure the money helps but does it work that fast?? First you need to put the money into bringing the young ones up and getting them to that level. Just putting money on the top athletes is not the correct move
  • Why are we so concerned to lead medal counts, we just don’t have the athlete base of say a USA, nor the corporate sponsorship or the athletes in the wings coming up.
  • Why are we spending all this money, we should just be happy that we get some medals and busiess should invest in the athletes, not tax dollars :S

Overall, the whole idea was super lame, short sighted, and the ‘failure’ of it was badly managed. A whole press event to say ‘Canada spend all this money and we still suck’?? Thats basically what they said.

If anybody failed, it was Canadas olympic committee. Our athletes are doing an excellent job representing the country!

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