How Avatar makes me think of heaven

So, as you can see from my last post, I’ve seen Avatar twice now. What I loved about the movie beyond anything else is the scenery, the land, the foliage, the trees, the animals. The light that emanates from the ground for example as they walk makes me think of heaven. God is light, and light (the spectrum) is all around us in differing amplitudes. We see a very thin section of the spectrum, called the visible light spectrum, there is infrared, radio waves, xrays,… all that sorts of different frequencies of light. In heaven, and on the re-made earth its been hypothesized that we’ll be able to enjoy seeing / sensing the complete spectrum. You would be able to see the radio waves around you, see infrared coming off heat sources etc, it would be a whole new fascinating world. Indeed, when God recreates the world back to its original state, when we step on plants they will light up.

How do I know?

Check this out, we all know that when you compress something, heat is generated, heat is infrared, so if we can see infrared in heaven, it will look just like in avatar where the ground lights up under your feet, likewise, with all the other frequencies, we’ll see SO many colours, more then just the rainbow, you’ll be able to see sound, see music, see temperature, see packets of light streaming, bouncing, vibrating, swirling,…. all around us. Its indescribable, think about it for a minute or two though! Avatar might give us the tiniest hint of what heaven on earth might be like!

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